Moving to Montreal and New Blog Site!

Hey all.  It’s been too long.  Life got crazy.  We traveled to Spain, left our jobs, took a camping trip through Michigan’s UP and Ontario, visited our hometowns, and are settling in Montreal!  Jordan was accepted as a PhD candidate, and I’m scrambling to learn French and find some new work.  Our successes and misadventures will be chronicled at a new blog (I was quickly running out of photo storage space on the hosted site anyhow).

Please, I would love it if you’d join me at Hope to see you there!

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Sunset in Saguaro National Park

And this is the final post, because I promised it would be.  After eating and resting, we drove the Cactus Forest Drive Loop.  I felt like the west park seemed to have more of a cactus “forest” myself, but still, the drive was wonderful.  The loop closes at sundown, so you’ll have to be sure to sneak in just before the gate to the drive closes.  Then take your time.  Find your sunset spot.  Hold down on that shutter button until the clouds are no longer glowing oranges, purples, pinks, and blues.  Then drive away with a sense that everything is right in your world, if only for that one hour.

(There is one lack luster paragraph below–because there was a massive jackrabbit in it, thought it does not look massive in retrospect–and Jordan and I both are SDSU alum, so it had to be included.)




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Saguaro National Park in A Day

Thanks for stopping by! Due to some photo limit restrictions, I migrated this post over to another blog. Join me there for a photo tour of Saguaro National Park:


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Morning Trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

This museum was awesome! Unfortunately, I had to migrate my data-hogging photos over to my new blog. Join me there at!

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Sonoran Sunset

Too excited after looking through photos to wait until tomorrow to share this one.  Love it.  Click on it.  See it big.


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2 Days in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson was great! Due to data storage issues, I had to migrate this post to:

See you there!


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Nature Walk {Ijams Nature Center}

Apparently, there was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect during our wanderings.  Didn’t bother me.


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