Oh My Biscuit Goodness

Okay, dear reader, you know that the lot of us went to the Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival on Saturday.  Naturally, we had to immerse ourselves in Southern Cuisine culture.  And you might remember that the biscuit festival would qualify as our second breakfast.  Jordan’s sister is known for double-breakfasting while on vacation (hehe, sorry, Leah).

Market Street was renamed for the occasion.  I think many people thought the street was permanently named Biscuit Boulevard.  But you can’t fool me.

People were everywhere.

And the sun beat down on us.  One man said he thought they ought to set up a deodorant stand next year.  If you don’t like being close to other biscuit eaters, you best stay home.

I must say, all of the volunteers were very friendly and helpful.   We were able to snag our sample tickets pretty quickly.  Each ticket allowed you five samples.  Seeing as it was our second breakfast, we didn’t think we each needed five biscuits.  Jordan and I shared one ticket, and the others shared three tickets for the five of them.

The lines for each stand varied tremendously in length.  For biscuits like these:

there was no line at all.  Chick-fil-A biscuits=boring and tiny.

But the line for many of the other biscuits, looked like this:

Who spotted Jordan?! He tried to go incognito with the hat and shades, but there is no hiding from the blogger wife.

For the most part, the lines moved quickly.  And the biscuits were generally worth the wait.

There were the classic, homemade biscuits.

There were a couple I did not try: the ham and cheese or the other meaty biscuit.  Everyone who tried the one on the right said it was amazing.

I did try the blueberry basil, the cranberry orange streusel, and a bite of the gluten-free hazelnut.  The first two were on the top of my list, but I found the hazelnut one lacking.  The texture was more like a muffin, not so much a biscuit.

Bev had a brown sugar butter biscuit.  One was covered with honey.  Another delicious one came with whipped cream.

My top biscuit vote for the day would have gone to the apple butter though.

But I didn’t want to force my way back through the crowd to drop the ticket into the apple butter vote box.

Aside from the Biscuit Boulevard samples, we did not participate in much of the festival.  Partially, this is because of cost.  I would have loved to have done the biscuit brunch with Blackberry Farms, but I think 125 dollars for one meal is a bit out of the public librarian budget.  Still, we could have hung around for the pageant and cook-off, but the heat was getting to us and I think Jordan was trying to get us back to the apartment to watch the Champions League Final.

Barcelona wins!

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8 responses to “Oh My Biscuit Goodness

  1. Laurie

    Is “second breakfast” a reference to Lord of the Rings, where one of the hobbits asks “what about second breakfast?”

  2. Kirsten

    Oh, I am so hungry now…

  3. Pastor Jeff

    Second breakfastes…how ’bout 11sies?

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  5. Leah

    Cassie- tell ‘em! Tell ‘em that I don’t truly eat second breakfasts on purpose! The world of blog readers deserves to know the truth.

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