Oh My Biscuit Goodness

Hi, biscuit lovers! I had to migrate this post to my new blog due to photo storage limits. Please join me in celebrating biscuits at: http://www.therestoflhistoire.com/2011/06/01/oh-my-biscuit-goodness-knoxvilles-international-biscuit-festival/. See you there!

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8 responses to “Oh My Biscuit Goodness

  1. Laurie

    Is “second breakfast” a reference to Lord of the Rings, where one of the hobbits asks “what about second breakfast?”

  2. Kirsten

    Oh, I am so hungry now…

  3. Pastor Jeff

    Second breakfastes…how ’bout 11sies?

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  5. Leah

    Cassie- tell ‘em! Tell ‘em that I don’t truly eat second breakfasts on purpose! The world of blog readers deserves to know the truth.

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