Chili Weather?

Chili pepper weather?

The last couple days have been wonderful in terms of weather.  Of course, I’ve been inside during peak times, so it is difficult to be positive about the majority of the day!  Nevertheless, I am not afraid of standing over a hot stove when the temperatures begin to settle out.

We are still reaping a bit of a harvest from our pepper plants!

Naturally, we needed to make something that packed a bit of a punch.  Enter: thirty minute chili.  We threw in some onion, some hot wax, some habanero, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, a veggie bouillon cube, elbow macaroni (my mother’s chili always has noodles!), crumbled tempeh, one can of tomato juice, and one can of black beans.  Bring to boil, simmer.  I love chili because there is never a need for a recipe!

And it’s impossible to make just two servings, so there are always leftovers for the next day. I mixed in some silken ‘fu for a bit of creaminess.  The spice level on this was near my upper limit, but still within range.  Jordan said it was just right for his liking.  Between those peanut butter blondies and a “just right” chili, I’d say he’s eating pretty well so far this week.

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One response to “Chili Weather?

  1. Mom Graesser

    I use a recipe. I’m lost without recipes!

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