Saguaro National Park in A Day

Thanks for stopping by! Due to some photo limit restrictions, I migrated this post over to another blog. Join me there for a photo tour of Saguaro National Park:

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6 responses to “Saguaro National Park in A Day

  1. I love the petroglyphs! :-)

  2. Renee Waterhouse

    Love the pics. Neat place to visit.

    • David Sarten

      Great pics. I have visited Arizona only once and knew of the Saguaro National Monument (tells you how long ago it was) but did not have time to visit it. I am still amazed at all the plant life that is able to survive in the harsh conditions of the desert (guess I am too used to the East Tennessee mountains and their abundant rainfall) and how much vibrant color is there at times. I will be loking forward to viewing the remaining pics when you post.

  3. great shots, thanks for sharing

  4. Dienna

    I love cacti. They’re so cool. One that you took a photo of looks like a pitchfork, and another one looks like a coatrack.

  5. I went there for the first time in Summer 1973. Made it back in 1999. Still beautiful.

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